Engineering in Medicine and Biology Chapter Announces 2015-2016 Speaker Series

The Buenaventura Chapter of EMBS is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 speaker series.  For more information please visit the BV EMBS web site.


January 28 Technologies Enabling Mastery in Dentistry – Sorin Muntean, DDS, Muntean Dentistry
February 25 Stem Cells to Treat Human Diseases – Amander Clark
March 25 Medical Device Connectivity in an Era of Wireless Communications – Toward the Paperless Medical Office – Michael D. Paquin
April 29 The Robot Doctor Will See You Now: Status and Potential of Robotics in Healthcare – George Bekey
September 30 Water in California, Issues, Technical Solutions, and Social Responsibility – Ravi Bajaj
October 28 Neurogaming and Physical Rehabilitation after Trauma – Dr. Sheryl Flynn
November 18 Recent Progress in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer – Dr. Richard Lam
December 16 The fight against mosquito-borne diseases like malaria. Can Technology solve the problem by itself? – Dr. Molly Schmid


January 27 Science of Aging, Exercise, and Musculoskeletal Health – Prof. Steven Hawkins
February 24 Cloning, Medical Gene Therapy and the Law – Ms. Panda Kroll
March 30 Career Fair
April 27 Patenting Algorithms in Medical Devices – David Sarisky

The EMBS Chapter meetings take place Wednesdays, with an optional sit-down buffet dinner at 6 p.m., current events and news from 6:45 to 7, and the technical session starting at 7 p.m.