Date    Event
Oct 3 Ventura County Energize California ProgramRegistration
Oct 7 Girls Make Tech with Heart – IEEE Buenaventura Fall STEM EventRegistration, Flyer
Oct 11 NASA Swarmathon: Taking Swarm Robotics To MarsRegistration
Oct 19 Cassini-Huygens Mission: Understanding Saturn and its Moons – Registration, Flyer
Oct 24 Postponed: MIMO Radar: Fundamentals, Sparse Sensing and its Application in Autonomous Driving (Part II)Announcement
Oct 25 Daily Monitoring of Health Metrics Reduces Health System CostsRegistration, Announcement
Oct 26 Detector Electronics for NASA’s Next Generation Space Telescopes JWST and WFIRSTRegistration, Flyer
Nov 9 IEEE Buenaventura Annual FundraiserDetails coming soon
Nov 15 The Role of Product Development Process in the Future Value of MedicinesAnnouncement
Nov 16 Photon Powered SpacecraftDetails coming soon
Dec 13 Water, Sanitation, and Public Health Challenges in Ventura CountyAnnouncement