Chapters and Officers

society_AESS Aerospace and Electronic Systems

Chair Sana Sarfraz
Vice Chair Doug Askegard
Speaker Liaison Pam Hoffman

society_comsoc Communications

Chair David Pehlke
Vice Chair Michael Markowitz
Treasurer Victor Lin
Secretary Li Huang

society_computer Computer

Chair Stephanie Knotts
Vice Chair Don Thomas
Treasurer Karl Geiger
Secretary Deron Johnson
Student Liason Dhruv Pandya

society_eds    cas-logo Electron Devices / Circuits and Systems Joint Chapter

Chair Cristian Cismaru
Vice Chair Chaiyuth Chansungsan

society_EMC Electromagnetic Compliance / Consumer Electronics

Chair Mike Nicholls (ACT)

society_emb Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Chair Robert Rumer
Vice Chair Celene Udasco
Treasurer Steve Johnson
Secretary Pat Jacobs
Reza Firoozabadi
Webmaster Steve Johnson
Speaker Liaison Joel Harris
Academic and Industry Alliances and Pre-show Production Ryan Neimy
Awards Joel Harris
Programs Reza Firrozabadi

Life Member Affinity Group

Chair Jerry Knotts
Vice Chair Zak Cohen
Secretary/Treasurer David Collins

society_mtts Microwave Technologies and Techniques

Chair Chuck Seabury
Vice Chair Rick Poore
Treasurer Momin Quddus
Secretary Tom Campbell
Programs Tom Campbell

society_RAS  society_ias Robotics and Automation / Industry Applications Joint Chapter

Chair Ali Alhatrashi
Vice Chair Andrew Tomat
Secretary Mark Fisher

society_photonics Photonics

Co-Chairs Angelika  Kononenko
Jim Leatham
Vice Chair Jagmohan Bajaj
Treasurer Gary Hughes
Secretary Doug Askegard
Programs Les Kozlowski
Communications Bengi Hanyaloglu

Bold = Section Operating Committee Member