Mailing Addresses

Global, generic mailing addresses have been set up to manage communications.

The following address aliases forward as follows.  The target addresses change when  new person takes over.

Elected Positions

  • chair (at) — to the current Chair
  • vice-char (at) –> to the current Vice Chair
  • treasurer (at) –> to the current Treasurer
  • secretary (at) –> the the current Secretary
The Chapter Chairs also have one or more email aliases:
  • AESS: chair (at), chair (at)
  • Communications: chair (at), chair (at)
  • Computer: chair (at) and chair (at)
  • ED/CAS: chair (at)
  • EMBS: chair (at), chair (at)
  • Life Members: chair (at)
  • Microwave: chair (at), chair (at)
  • Power/Energy: chair (at)
  • Robotics: chair (at)

Volunteer Positions

  • newsletter (at) –> current newsletter editors
  • webmaster (at) –> current webmasters

Mailing Lists

Section Mailing Lists

The Buenaventura (BV) Section uses the following mailing lists.  All mailing lists are protected and subscription-only.  Only IEEE officers may post to these lists.

Etiquette note: do not send mail to someone on the list and then copy the list.  The person will get duplicate E-mail on the subject.

bv-section (at)

Master mailing list for general announcements and the monthly newsletter.

Subscriptions are open; see the subscription page for more information. Members can set their personal profile and communication preferences via the IEEE Membership Portal.

The Section Chair and Section Newsletter Editor may send mail to these lists.

bv-events (at)

Mailing list for BV Section special events (senior member elevation, conferences, etc.)  The membership of this list is refreshed before each event.

The Section Webmaster maintains this list.

bv-opcom (at)

Sends E-mail to the BV Section Operating Committee members.  The OpCom is comprised of all section officers and all chapter chairs.

Any bv-opcom member may send mail to this list.

Chapter Mailing Lists

bv-comsoc (at)
Communications Society

bv-cs-chapter (at)
Computer Society

bv-ieee-emb (at)
Engineering in Medicine and Biology

bv-mtts (at)
Microwave Theory and Techniques