There will not be a November Entrepreneurship Mixer, however, you are encouraged to attend the IEEE event on November 9th entitled “Engineering the ‘Fountain of Youth’ – Technical, Scientific, Entrepreneurial Dinner and Expert Panel Event – Perspective on Human Longevity.”

The Entrepreneurship Mixer final session will be held on the 5th of December, the first Tuesday. We are still accepting candidate presenters from the Buenaventura IEEE Section in preparation for the session on December 5th. You will hear from three or four presenters; they will share their business/product ideas. An expert panel will review the presenters and engage everyone in the nuances of launching into the entrepreneurial zone. Jerry Knotts, our own entrepreneurship guru and LMAG Chair (winner of the 2017 IEEE Region 6 Outstanding LMAG Award) will facilitate the December 5th Entrepreneurship Mixer.