Expenses and Reimbursements

Section and Society Chapters

The Section manages the budgets and expenses of Technical Society Chapters and itself. Chapters have set-asides in the Section budget. Section and Chapter Officers may check with the Section Treasurer to see their current available balances.

The Treasurer makes a monthly report the Section Operating Committee Meeting (OpComm).

Allowable Expenses

Officers may expense routine expenses.  “Routine” means refreshments for technical society meetings, speaker token/thank-you gifts (plaques, certificates, etc.), and minor speaker expenses (mileage if over 50 miles one-way).

  • We may not pay speakers an honorarium or other “speaker’s fees”.
  • We may not use IEEE monies to fund student scholarships or to purchase IEEE membership.

All other expenses should be brought monthly to the monthly Operating Committee meeting or if urgent, brought to the Chair for an ExCom decision.

Expense Report Format

Officers must submit itemized expense reports to the Treasurer for reimbursement. Expense reports must include the receipts showing the items expensed, not just the merchant receipt or credit card charge slip.

Reports must also indicate whether the expense is for a particular Chapter or a the Section. Ask the Treasurer for the format in which to submit expenses.  In general, the Treasurer needs

  1. Name of unit to charge the expense (Chapter Name, Section);
  2. Purpose, eg, “Refreshements for March 2013 Meeting”, “Laser pointer speaker gift”, “postage for member mailing”, etc.;
  3. Date, Amount;
  4. Who is to be reimbursed and that person’s address.

For meeting expenses (refreshments, food, etc.), Officers must file a matching L31 report showing the number of attendees.  Restaurant receipts should show the number of guests in attendance.

  • When at a restaurant, ask the server for a copy of the itemized food order.  We need a headcount.
  • No L31 report, no reimbursement.

IEEE Region 6 policy forbids reimbursement for alcoholic beverages.  Please exclude charges for beer, wine, etc., from expense reimbursements.

EMBS Chapter

The Buenventura EMBS chapter has its own budget and bank account. Check with EMBS Chapter Treasurer to find out balances or to apply for expense reimbursement for EMBS-related costs.

The same IEEE rules for expense reporting (itemized receipts, etc.) apply.

Region 6 Funding and Reimbursements

Region 6 reimburses expenses for members on official Region 6 business, such as official attendance of Region 6 Meetings.  Submit expenditures using the current IEEE Expense Report form and all receipts to the current Region 6 Treasurer and copy the Region 6 Chair so he may approve.

When planning professional events, be sure to apply for PACE funding from Region 6 to help defray costs.  PACE funds up to $500 per event.

For 2013, Region 6 has an approved budget for Industry Outreach.  These funds are set aside for programs like the “Take a CEO to Breakfast”.  Contact the R6 Chair about such funds and activities.