Mar 24: How to Keep Your Career Relevant at all Times, Job Trends in Technology and the “S Curve”

March 24, 2016
11 AM – 12 PM

This webinar is free of charge.
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This event  is  the  first  of  a  series  of  webinars focused  on how  to  thrive  and  capitalize  on  career  change and “not  just  do different things, but do things differently.

This  talk  is  presented  by Nathalie  Gosset,  EE,  MS,  MBA who is  the  Chair  of  the  Institute  of  Electrical  and  Electronics Engineers, Buenaventura Section.  The take away of the talk are:
•  How to join the list of most wanted employees.
•  Cultivating a fresh and unique professional identity removes the risk of obsolescence.
•  21st century job relevance is a new art to be learned.
•  Strategies to find the hidden jobs with great growth potential.

About the Speaker

Nathalie Gosset, EE, MS, MBA, is the Chair of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Buenaventura Section.  She has woven her engineering, marketing, and business expertise throughout her professional life.  Ms. Gosset is a  sought-after  public  speaker who  tracks  emerging technical  market  segments  and identifies  new  types  of  jobs  that  are entering  the  technical  fields.  She  is  the  former  Sr.  Director,  Market and  Technology  Innovation  Evaluation  at  the  Alfred  E Mann Institute at the University of Southern California, where she reviewed more than 600 innovations and established the commercial  value  of the  best  ideas.  Ms. Gosset  has  29  years  of experience  in  the  development  and  commercialization  of technology-based products. Prior to AMI, she headed engineering groups where she specialized in the turnaround of startup companies  with  special focus  on  engineering  team  leadership  (VP  of  Engineering  at  Sabeus,  Director  of  Engineering  at Novera).  She  worked  for  large companies  where  at  Alcatel  after  ten  years  in  optical  design  engineering,  she  became Director of the Program Management Office overseeing the activities of about 600 engineers.

The  IEEE  Buenaventura  Section  is  grateful  to  Syntesis  Global who  is  hosting  this  webinar  series.  Syntesis  Global introduces  the “new standard” for creating  a culture  of  excellence  in  leadership  development,  organizational  dynamics, career  transitions  and  outplacement  services: Syntesis Global™. With over thirty years of business experience, Syntesis Global™ offers state-of-the-art Performance Consulting through Executive Coaching, Change Management, Team Building, Organizational and Career Management services.

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