Mar 2: Can I See Batman vs. Superman In My Home Tonight On Demand?

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Can I see Batman vs. Superman in my home tonight on Demand? A Gentle Introduction to Video Compression

Speaker, Ray Duran, Extron Electronics
Location: California Lutheran University, Swenson 101

Mar 2, 2016 at 6:30 pm
Meetings are free and open to the public

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Batman Superman

Videos take up of lot of memory space, about 17MB per second from a camcorder video. When shared across a network with a system that needs to stream the tape in real time, the video must be compressed by the sender and restored by the receiver. The talk will be about the technology, and the engineering and basic math of streaming video. In particular, the speaker will introduce the basics of JPEG-2000 equivalent video

Ray DuranRay Duran is a Principal FPGA Design Engineer at Extron Electronics. He has 25 years of engineering experience in the field of programmable devices and has become an expert in the design, development and programming of very high speed digital signal processing chips for applications requiring the management of high data throughput and rapid analysis such as video and military based systems with intense computing analysis. Ray graduated with a BSEE degree from the California State University Fresno in 1988. He recently obtained a master’s in engineering from UCLA in 2014.