Newsletter Guidelines

Guidelines for Submissions

  • Meeting notices need to include:
    • Who is the speaker (bio)?
    • What is the title?
    • When and where is the meeting?
    • Why it is of interest (abstract)?
    • How do people register?
  • Other articles, such as calls for volunteers, should also state the deadline for response.
  • Please no “say something about X” submissions. Be specific about what you want said.
  • If a submission includes an individual’s E-mail address, the editor must receive permission directly from that individual to include it in the newsletter article.
  • Please make sure that the dates, times, and locations are correct throughout your submission, including any attachments and linked registration web pages.
  • Keep in mind that the newsletter E-mail needs to convey information in text. Some people can only read text-based E-mail (e.g. vision-impaired individuals, some mobile devices, and many .mil addresses).
  • Please respond to any questions from the newsletter editor. If the editor is having trouble understanding a submission, it is possible that newsletter readers will also have trouble.

Important Dates

  • The publication date is the last day of each month.
  • Events coming up within ~6 weeks should be considered as candidates for submissions.
  • Approx. 7 to 10 days before publication, the editor will send out a call for submissions to section and chapter volunteers, which will include a summary of the articles already submitted.
  • Approx. 4  or 5 days before publication, the editor will send out a draft of the newsletter to section and chapter volunteers.
  • Noon on the day before publication: Deadline for new submissions.

Newsletter Layout

The newsletter consists of the following sections:

  • Table of Contents
  • Local IEEE Events (chapter meetings and section events)
  • Other IEEE Announcements (e.g. IEEE promotions, region events)
  • Other Local Happenings (e.g. special events held by other engineering organizations)
  • Reports on Previous Meetings
  • Sponsors