Section Officers and Volunteers

Section Chair Nathalie Gosset
Section Vice Chair OPEN
Section Treasurer Sana Sarfraz
Section Secretary Howard Turner
Webmasters Deron Johnson
Steve Johnson
Photographers Doug Askegard
Social Media Ali Alhatrashi
Newsletter Editor Deron Johnson
Membership Development Reza Faroozabadi
Entrepreneurship Darrell Gooden – Chair
Jerry Knotts – Mentor
Officer Training Nathalie Gosset
Deron Johnson
Steve Johnson
Chapter Development Nathalie Gosset
Awards Darrell Gooden – Chair
Doug Askegard – Mentor
Industry Relations Bridge Carney
Activities (PACE)
Sana Sarfraz – Chair
Howard Turner
Doug Askegard – Mentor
Fundraising Nathalie Gosset
Sana Sarfraz
Young Professionals Ali Alhatrashi
Pre-University Activities Darrell Gooden
University Activities Bob Rumer
Section Historian Doug Askegard
Extraordinary Lives Events William Hsu

Bold = Section Operating Committee Member

The Section ExCom team is grateful for the support of the Buenaventura Section Advisory Board composed of

  • Bridge Carney, former IEEE Buenaventura Section Chair
  • Zak Cohen, former IEEE Buenaventura Section Treasurer
  • Steve Johnson, former IEEE Buenaventura Section Chair
  • Jerry Knotts, Chair of the Buenaventura Life Member Affinity Group