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May 2016 Newsletter

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Local IEEE Events

•  May 3 - Entrepreneurship Series: The Engineer to Entrepreneur Roadmap to Success - An Overview of Entrepreneurship
•  May 4 (afternoon) - Technology in our Future - An Ally in Graceful Aging
•  May 4 (evening) - The Smart Grid Living Lab at UCLA - and its Automated Demand Response Program
•  May 11 - How to Solve Big Data Problems using Compressive Sensing Techniques
•  May 17 - The Things we ought to Know About Digital Communications: A Primer in Three Parts
•  May 18 - Entrepreneurship Series: Startups for Engineers - Tips about Starting Your Own Company as an Engineer
•  May 26 - Integrated Photonics

Other IEEE Announcements

•  Become an IEEE Member Now and Save 50%
•  IEEE-Sponsored Discounts and Insurance

Reports from Previous Events

•  IEEE Buenaventura Section Gives Special Awards at Ventura County Science Fair
•  Congratulations to Senior Members
•  Photos of Recent IEEE Buenaventura Events

Sponsors and Job Opportunities

•  Advanced Personnel Profiles
•  Integrity Search and Consulting
•  Engility Corporation
•  Avalon Staffing
•  Syntesis Global

Local IEEE Events

May 3, 2016
Entrepreneurship Series: The Engineer to Entrepreneur Roadmap to Success - An Overview of Entrepreneurship

Pizza and Networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM
Presenter:  Jerry Knotts
$5 for IEEE members, $15 for nonmembers, $35 at the door.  Register and pay at


The road to responding to our entrepreneurial inner calling starts with a well thought out preparation and the development of a roadmap marked with clear milestones. This workshop lays out the fundamentals of launching a successful startup and steps to prepare. In this presentation, Jerry Knotts, President/CEO of the California Coast Venture Forum and President of J.E. Knotts & Associates, will set the background and knowledge foundation that will be helpful to fully benefit from the 2016 IEEE Entrepreneurship speaker series.

About the Speaker

Jerry Knotts is the President/CEO of the California Coast Venture Forum and President of J.E. Knotts & Associates. He has more than 30 years successful experience in small, medium and large sized defense and aerospace low and hi-technology companies. He served as Vice-President/General Manager, Defense Electronics Div, California Microwave and Vice-President, American Nucleonics Corporation. He serves as a member of the Board of Counselors, California Lutheran University School of Business; a member of the SoCalBio Investor Conference Company/Company Screening Board; and a mentor for the LARTA Institute. Jerry has notable achievements in general business management, strategic planning, and business development. As a consultant. He serves on numerous Corporation Boards and provides strategic and financial planning services to small and medium sized companies. His academic background includes a BSEE (Electrical Engineering) from Penn State University; an MBA from Auburn; and graduate of the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC), Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), and Air War College. Jerry is a Senior Life Member of the IEEE and a registered Professional Engineer.


CLU Center for Entrepreneurship, Room 107B
Cal Lutheran Westlake Center
31416 Agoura Road
Westlake Village, CA  91361

Presented by:  IEEE Buenaventura Section

Click here for printable flyer (PDF)

May 4, 2016 (afternoon)
Technology in our Future - An Ally in Graceful Aging
Televised Live Presentation
Thousand Oaks Council on Aging

Presentation:  1:20 PM - 2:00 PM
Presenter:  Nathalie Gosset

1. Can be viewed live at
2. or on television on Frontier (Verizon) Cable Channel 3
3. or in person at The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, Board Room (across the sidewalk from the box office), 2100 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA  91362. Arrive by 1 PM. Free parking in parking structure.


Technology can help us attenuate the effects of the aging of our body and mind. Smart capabilities enter our home to make our living experience in senior years safer and more comfortable. Most of all, wireless connectivity enable senior citizens to enter a new life of learning, of growing and continue to bring great contributions to society.

About the Speaker

Nathalie Gosset, BSEE, MS, MBA is the Chairman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Buenaventura Section. Ms. Gosset has been on the cutting edge of technologies all her career.  She is a sought out public speaker on matters pertaining to emerging technologies and their impact on our life. She has been studying recent science discoveries about the aging of the brain and slow down of the body. This has open her eyes to the power of technology to enable baby boomers to age gracefully. Ms. Gosset is the 2015 recipient of the Regional Leadership Award from IEEE- USA, the 2009 IEEE Engineer of the Year from the Buenaventura Section. She received the 2007 Career Service Global Award from the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society for creating 50 chapters worldwide to bring together doctors and engineers to facilitate humanitarian solutions. Nathalie holds a BSEE from ISEP (1985, Paris, France); MS in Telecommunications (1986, Boulder, CO); MBA (1990, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN).

Click here for printable flyer (PDF)

May 4, 2016
The Smart Grid Living Lab at UCLA, and its Automated Demand Response Program

Pizza and Networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM
Presenter:  Rajit Gadh
Meetings are free and open to the public.  Please register at


The UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center (or SMERC) performs research, creates innovations, and, demonstrates using the campus as a living lab some advanced wireless/communications, Internet and sense-and-control technologies to enable the development of the next generation of the electric utility grid - The Smart Grid. Our speaker will talk about one of the SMERC’s initiatives, the Automated Demand-Response (ADR) technology research program that aims to showcase different levels and modalities of automation in load curtailment, control models and secure messaging schemes leveraging multiple communication technologies and maintaining interoperability between the Smart Grid automation architecture layers.

About the Speaker

Dr. Rajit Gadh is Professor of the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science at UCLA, Founder and Director the Smart Grid Energy Research Center or SMERC and Founder and Director of the UCLA WINMEC Consortium. Dr. Gadh has a Doctorate degree from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), a Masters from Cornell University and a Bachelor’s degree from IIT Kanpur all in engineering. He has taught as a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, has been an Assistant, Associate and Full Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and was a visiting researcher at Stanford University.

Dr. Gadh's current research interests include modeling and control of Smart Grids, wireless monitoring and control of distribution and consumer-premise power grids, Electric Vehicle aggregation, modeling and control, optimized EV charging under grid and local constraints, Grid-to-vehicle, Vehicle-to-grid and Grid-to-home architectures, automation and home area network for Demand Response, Micro-grid modeling and control, and wireless-sensor and RFID middleware architectures. Dr. Gadh is author of over 150 articles in journals and conference proceedings and holds 4 patents. His team has developed the WINSmartEV™ and WINSmartGrid™ research platforms at UCLA.

Dr. Gadh's research has recently been funded by the following sources: (i) LADWP (in turn funded by DOE) in which UCLA is one of three academic cooperating partners along with USC, and, JPL/Caltech in which DOE funding is roughly $60M) (ii) Korean Institute for Energy Research (KIER), (iii) EPRI NESCOR Grant (funded by DOE), (iv) California Energy Commission, and (v) the UCLA Smart Grid Industry Partners Program or SMERC-IPP consisting of over a dozen industry members.

He is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has received the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award, NSF Research Initiation Award, and, NSF Lucent Industry Ecology Fellow Award, Society of Automotive Engineers Ralph R. Teetor Educational award, IEEE WTS second best student paper award, ASME Kodak Best Technical Paper award, AT&T Industrial ecology fellow award, Engineering Education Foundation Research Initiation Award, the William Mong Fellowship from University of Hong Kong, and other accolades in his career. He has lectured and given keynote/distinguished addresses worldwide in countries such as Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, S. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and, Thailand. Dr. Gadh serves as advisor to a handful of technology-based startups.


CLU Swenson Center, Room 101
California Lutheran University
141 Faculty Street
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking:  Visitors may park on CLU streets after 7 PM without a permit.  Before 7 PM, we recommend that you park in the G1 visitor lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef, and walk to the Swenson building.  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots, and do not park in the areas marked “Homeowner Parking Only”.

Presented By:  IEEE Buenaventura Robotics and Automation/Industry Applications Chapter

Click here for printable flyer (PDF)

May 11, 2016
How to Solve Big Data Problems using Compressive Sensing Techniques

Pizza and Networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM
Presenter:  Yahia Tachwali
Meetings are free and open to the public.  Please register at


In the era of big data, the complexity of data analysis and information extraction has grown dramatically. There is an increasing demand for scalable solutions that can handle the storage and acquisition bandwidth of current sensing and data analysis systems. Compressive sensing techniques have received recently a lot of attention in the signal processing research community as novel techniques to solve scalability problems and sampling limitations in many signal processing applications.

In this presentation, a quick introduction to compressive sensing fundamentals is provided. Then, two practical implementations of compressive sensing techniques are illustrated. One is based L1 minimization techniques and the other is using sparse Fourier Sampling techniques. A quick overview of current research and future directions on compressive sensing is discussed at the end of the presentation.

About the Speaker

Yahia Tachwali, Ph.D. is a Research and Development Engineer at Keysight Technologies. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in the Broadband Wireless Networking Lab under the supervision of Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2010. His doctoral research focused on building cognitive radios in small form factor platforms and investigated the use of compressive sensing techniques to perform efficient spectrum sensing operations. He has authored more than 20 journal articles and conference papers in the field of signal processing for cognitive radio applications. His research interests are: cognitive radio networks, the design and implementation of DSP algorithms on software radio platforms, spectrum sensing, machine learning, reconfigurable wireless systems, and compressive sensing techniques.


CLU Swenson Center, Room 101
California Lutheran University
141 Faculty Street
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking:  Visitors may park on CLU streets after 7 PM without a permit.  Before 7 PM, we recommend that you park in the G1 visitor lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef, and walk to the Swenson building.  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots, and do not park in the areas marked “Homeowner Parking Only”.

Presented By:  IEEE Buenaventura Computer Society Chapter

May 17, 2016
The Things we ought to Know About Digital Communications: A Primer in Three Parts

Pizza and Networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM
Presenter:  Bernard Sklar
Meetings are free and open to the public.  Please register at


The emergence of digital communications has been a critical part of the information age, and as wireless telecommunications in bandwidth and spectral efficiency, peak throughput and datarates, performance at cell edge and highly mobile environments, and challenges for low latency and overall energy efficiency. In order to understand these seemingly complex interdependent physical limitations of how we communicate, this series of 3 lectures attempts to start from the fundamentals and develop them through the advanced state-of-the-art of digital communications of today, all with an intuitive and clear explanation for the basis of why things work the way they do, and what we are doing to push the envelope in coming generations of digital comm. This first lecture will focus on laying the groundwork of why digital communications is preferred over its analog legacy, key concepts of signal-to-noise, bandwidth and dynamic range, the principles of Nyquist and Shannon that define capability within a given bandwidth, how communications depends on modulation waveshape selection, and the basis for bandwidth efficiency and time-bandwidth product targets.

First in a three-part series of lectures

Tuesday, May 17: Part I : Fundamentals of Digital Communications, Modulation, and Capacity and Why Things Are the Way They Are
Tuesday, July 19: Part II: Modulation, Bandwidth, Power, Spectrum and How Error Tolerance and Coding Schemes Make it All Work
Tuesday, August 30: Part III: Multipath Limitations, Coherence, Fading and Enabling Techniques for MIMO, Diversity Gain, and Spectral Re-Use in the Future

About the Speaker

Bernard Sklar, PhD, President, Communications Engineering Services, Tarzana, California.  Dr. Sklar was previously at The Aerospace Corporation and has acquired over 50 years of experience in the electronics industry in a wide variety of technical design and management positions. He has worked at Republic Aviation Corporation, Hughes Aircraft Company, and Litton Systems, and has taught communications at both the University of Southern California and UCLA. He is currently associated with the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as an External Examiner. He also has taught at other universities and has presented numerous short courses throughout the United States, Europe, and the Far East. Dr. Sklar has published and presented scores of technical papers, is the recipient of the 1984 Prize Paper Award from the IEEE Communications Society for his tutorial series on digital communications, and is the author of Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition (Prentice-Hall, 2001). He is a past chairman of the Los Angeles Council IEEE Education Committee.


Skyworks Solutions
649 Lawrence Drive
Newbury Park, CA  91320
(Not the main building; please use link to arrow that pinpoints building)

Presented by:  IEEE Communications Society Chapter

Click here for printable flyer (PDF)

May 18, 2016
Entrepreneurship Series: Startups for Engineers - Tips about Starting Your Own Company as an Engineer

Pizza and Networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM
Presenter:  Benjamin Kuo
$5 for IEEE members, $15 for nonmembers, $35 at the door.  Register and pay at


Have you ever wondered about what it takes to start and fund your own company, especially as an engineer? Benjamin Kuo, founder of online technology news site regularly interviews startup and technology industry CEOs here in Southern California--gives some hints and tips about the startup process, from the perspective of an engineer. Kuo is a longtime IEEE Senior Member who got his start in engineering, but now spends his days tracking local high tech startups and venture capital from the business end of the industry.


CLU Swenson Center, Room 101
California Lutheran University
141 Faculty Street
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking:  Visitors may park on CLU streets after 7 PM without a permit.  Before 7 PM, we recommend that you park in the G1 visitor lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef, and walk to the Swenson building.  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots, and do not park in the areas marked “Homeowner Parking Only”

Presented by:  IEEE Buenaventura Section

Click here for printable flyer (PDF)

May 26, 2016
Integrated Photonics

Pizza and Networking:  6:30 PM
Presentation:  7:00 PM
Presenter:  John Bowers
Meetings are free and open to the public.  Please register at


Photonics has transformed our experience with the Internet through low-cost, high-bandwidth fiber optic transmission. The next level of evolution, integrated optics or “silicon photonics” combines electrical and optical components on the same silicon-based substrates that are used in the fabrication of a semiconductor chip. Lasers, photodetectors, beam splitters, isolators, filters, prisms, modulators and optical switches can be designed into the same microchip.

Optical switches have the potential to reduce the energy required to switch data by factor of 10,000. Silicon photonics have the potential to reduce the energy require to transmit data on and off chips by a factor of ten or more. A recent collaboration between UCSB and Intel led to the development of hybrid silicon lasers, which resulted in a prototype, a 50 Gbps high-speed optical data link, which was integrated onto silicon.

About the Speaker

John E. Bowers, Ph.D. is a world-leading researcher in the areas of silicon photonics, optoelectronics, energy efficiency and the development of novel low power optoelectronic devices for the next generation of optical networks. Dr. Bowers holds the Fred Kavli Chair in Nanotechnology, and is the Director of the Institute for Energy Efficiency and a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCSB. Dr. Bowers received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Stanford University and worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories and Honeywell before joining UC Santa Barbara.

Dr. Bowers is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the IEEE, OSA and the American Physical Society, and a recipient of the OSA Holonyak Prize, the IEEE LEOS William Streifer Award and the South Coast Business and Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He has published eight book chapters, 450 journal papers, 700 conference papers and has received 52 patents. He and coworkers received the EE Times Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Award for Most Promising Technology for the hybrid silicon laser in 2007.


CSUCI Del Norte Hall, Room 1500
California State University, Channel Islands
Camarillo, CA  93012

Parking:  Click here for map showing where to park for this event (JPG)

Presented by:  IEEE Photonics Society Chapter

Click here for printable flyer (PDF)

Other IEEE Announcements

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Reports from Previous Events

IEEE Buenaventura Section Gives Special Awards at Ventura County Science Fair

Click here for full article including photos (PDF)

Ventura, April 20, 2016 - Ventura County Science Fair was held in the Ventura County Fair Grounds with the organization of VC Office of Education. VCOE celebrated the 62th anniversary of this premier annual event. Students from numerous Middle and High Schools of Ventura County displayed their science projects in fourteen different categories. The top three projects from each category were selected by volunteer judges from the local industries and academia. Top projects on each category have the option of entering the State Science Fair held on April 20th.  Participation in VCSF have been growing steadily since its inception in 1955 when 8 budding scientists entered their projects. This year 1093 students entered 796 projects in this event.

In addition to awards given by VCOE, special awards are given by professional organization and industries to exceptional projects. IEEE Buenaventura Section participated in this special awards category. All projects that generated or used electricity for the implementation of the project were eligible for IEEE special awards. This included projects that use computers. Five years ago when this award was introduced there were very few projects that fell in this category. This year there were over a 100 projects that met this criteria. This award is having a clear effect on increasing interest among students in the field of electrical engineering and computer science.  It was encouraging to see many projects involved generation and storage of electricity. There is a saying that, “If enough people start thinking about solving a problem then the solution will reveal itself “.

IEEE judges selected four exceptional projects for these special Awards. First prize went to Dhruv Agarwal for his project “Wireless electricity using inductive coupling”. Second prize went to James Ge for his project “Making an autonomous Arm with Adruino”.  Third place went to the team of Ellis Larch, Mia Yates & Zach Marteneau for their project "3D print a 3D Printer “ and fourth place went to Kriensten Torres for her project “Making the most efficient Battery”.  1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place winners received $200, $100, $50(x3) & $50 prize respectively from IEEE Buenaventura Section.  IEEE Buenaventura Section would like to thank Howard Turner, Christian Ziegler (IEEE) & Momin Quddus (IEEE) for judging in the special awards category and presenting the awards at the ceremony.

STEM Exposition, 2016

In addition VCSF, Channel Island State University organized a STEM Expo, (Science Technology Engineering & Math) at the Science Fair.

Educational institutions, businesses, non-profit organizations, government and professional organizations participated in this event. IEEE Buenaventura Section participated in this event. Science & technology questions were posed to small groups of students. Interesting questions such as “How many solar panels are required to meet the electricity need for each person in USA” were posed. Students with correct answers won prizes. Students were very engaged and welcomed the challenge of solving science questions.

Congratulations to Senior Members

Congratulations to the following members who have just been elevated and honored with the Senior Member grade:

•  Richard Alhadi
•  Mike Ambrose
•  James Garnett
•  Stephen Hansen
•  Jongchan Kang
•  Debbie Kirby
•  Rick Poore
•  Paul Rhonemus
•  Bob Rumer
•  Jim Schultz
•  Yahia Tachwali
•  Mike Torres
•  Harry Lee Wiederspahn
•  Sheldon Xu
•  De-Ying Zhang
•  Yan Zhao
•  Guangcai Zhou

Photos of Recent IEEE Buenaventura Events

On March 23, the 2016 Buenaventura Section Spring Mixer was a fun get together with 85 guests who enjoyed a Latino grilled dinner, a presentation from Zak Cohen on the 131 years that followed the incorporation of AT&T and the time we spent honoring our officers, our speakers, and our IEEE members who crossed significant membership milestones.  (photos)

On March 31, the new Buenaventura Photonics Chapter speaker series started with an amazing speaker: Eric Fossum, Ph.D. presented “Quanta Image Sensor: Photon-Counting for Consumers” at the CLU Westlake Village Entrepreneurship Center. Eric Fossum is a legend. He was inducted into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2011 for the invention of the CMOS image sensor that is in your digital camera today and a few other billions of cameras.  (photos)

On April 19, high school students from Newbury Park High School, Ventura High School, and ACE Charter School demonstrated the robots they entered in the FIRST Robotics Competition.  (photos)

On April 20, Yahia Tachwali, Ph.D., Research and Development Engineer at Keysight Technologies, presented a superb introduction to “Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio” on April 20 at CLU in Thousand Oaks. Thank you Dr. Tachwali!  (photos)

On April 21, more than 60 attendees came to hear Robert Piccioni, Ph.D.'s talk on "Einstein for Everyone." A remarkable talk and a very special evening at the La Reina High School. We honored 6 IEEE members with milestones loyalty pins.  We most enjoyed seeing the La Reina students and their parents meet the engineers and technical professionals who attended the event.  (photos)


Advanced Personnel Profiles
Job Opportunities

Clinical Research Manager
Second Sight (, Sylmar

Manages the design, administration and on-site monitoring of clinical trials.  Supervises CRAs in in-house and on-site monitoring. Oversees adherence to SOPs, GCP, and FDA regulations. Ensures compliance with clinical protocols, overall clinical objectives, & national/international regulations and standards for clinical trials. Assumes occasional CRA responsibilities, including site travel.

Contact Pat Jacobs –  805-579-0630

Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Second Sight (, Sylmar

The position is responsible for diverse regulatory functions, including but not exclusive to the development of Medical Device submissions and the implementation of Regulatory Compliance.  Minimum 3 years of experience in US regulatory affairs, preferably with Class III devices, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Contact Pat Jacobs –  805-579-0630

Field Clinical Manager
Bioness (, Valencia

The primary objective of the Field Clinical Manager is to provide in-house and field-based clinical and technical training/support for medical devices ranging from feasibility trials through commercialization.   The candidate will be responsible for training health care professionals in the use of pre and post market medical devices and associated surgical procedures; installing, upgrading, and troubleshooting products in the field; programming devices and providing technical expertise in the clinical development of new products.

Contact Pat Jacobs –  805-579-0630

Embedded Software Developer
Second Sight (, Sylmar

Embedded software developer with design and development experience in medical device systems in an RT Linux environment.   Strong design and development experience C, RT Linux, DSP/BIOS, RTOS, Hardware peripherals (I2C, SPI, Flash, DMA), device drivers, multi-core processors.  Low power real-time embedded programming.

Contact Pat Jacobs –  805-579-0630

Director, Regulatory Affairs
Valencia, CA

This is a key role in developing and implementing global Regulatory strategies for Class II/III medical devices This individual will be the Regulatory subject matter expert for all applicable medical devices. Identify, assess and communicate regulatory development and submission strategies, regulatory risks, interface with relevant regulatory authorities and review device aspects of all regulatory submissions.

10 + years of diversified and documented global experience in successful Regulatory Affairs leadership within the Class II/III medical device industry.

Contact Pat Jacobs –  805-579-0630

Recruitment Strategy Manager
West Los Angeles, CA

This is a new venture into the frozen donor egg market and we are searching for a Recruitment Strategy Manager to manage donor recruiting 8 nationwide teams.  Must be strategic, social networking savvy and have excellent analytical and management skills.

Contact Pat Jacobs –  805-579-0630

Integrity Search and Consulting
Job Opportunities

Current opportunities require relevant BS/MS degree.

C++ SW Engineer - OOD, multi-threaded, STL - Desirable to have: Linux/Embedded Linux, shell scripting, Windows - Win32 and/or MFC - Windows and embedded development for high end diagnostic test products – 3+ years related experience - Santa Barbara area - $80-110K

Electronic Warfare System Engineers – lead tech planning, sys integration, verification & validation – 5-15 yrs. experience w/EW, RF transmitter/receiver & antenna knowledge; sys integration/engin; requirements development/mgmt..  – $100K to $150K w/ cos match on 401K - relo asst – South San Jose area – must be US citizen and able to quickly get Secret clearance

Senior L2-L3 Layer Software Engineers – 5 to 15 years of the following experience: C development at embedded level; driver/SDK development; RTOS (Linux a plus) – network packet switching/traffic mgmt. products – Santa Clara, CA area - $120-170K (over $150K if have 10+ years of directly related experience)

Repair Depot Engineers – Requires 10-15 years component level testing, repair and systems integration of RF, analog, digital and video systems; expertise with spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, power meters and DC power supplies (will consider non-degreed candidates with 15+ years related experience); US citizenship needed – Northridge, CA area - $85-115K

Sr. C++ SW Engineer – Linux, Continuous Integration (CI) – Jenkins, etc.; Agile/Test-Driven Development – applications development for embedded platform with 4 HD video/camera systems for medical products – Santa Barbara, CA – 8+ years related experience - $120-150K

If interested please email resume to Will Branning at:; may call Will at 805-482-8700 x230.

Engility Corporation
Job Opportunities

Engility seeks Engineers, Software Professionals and Technicians to support multiple programs in Southern, CA.

Featured jobs are:

2016-19315 Engineer Scientist IV – Electronics and RF – Pt. Mugu, CA

Will be responsible for the design, build and test of both analog and digital electronics including RF circuitry. Will support electronic warfare equipment. Some travel will be required. Must have a DoD Secret clearance, a BA/BS degree in an engineering or science discipline and at least 6 years of experience.

2016-19130 Senior Software Engineer – Pt. Mugu, CA

Will develop and support software which performs automated data gathering and analysis using C/C++/Visual C++ and or MFC.  Must have a BA/BS degree in engineering, Math or Science and 9+ years of experience, 8+ years of Visual Studio. Must be able to obtain a Secret clearance.

2015-15784 Senior Software Engineer – Oxnard, CA

Designs, develops, builds, analyzes, evaluates and installs database management systems for Electronic Warfare systems. Requires BA/BS and 14+ years of related experience. Must have a Top Secret clearance and prior EW engineering for Navy specific technologies like ALQ-99, ALQ-217, ASQ-239, ALR-66.

2016-19917 Software Integration Engineer – San Diego, CA

Will work on CLO solutions in a DoD environment to include the integration of COTS Common Access Card technologies into existing infrastructure Active Directory and PKI environment. Requires Secret clearance and 5+ years software development or integration experience. Should be able to obtain Security+ and Linux or Windows OS certifications within a few weeks of hire.

In addition to these jobs, Engility has urgent needs for CyberSecrity/ Penetration Testers with security clearance in San Antonio, TX.

For more information about these jobs, please visit our website or contact

Avalon Staffing
Job Opportunities

Visit our website for current openings or call our office to see if we can be of immediate service: 805.367.3260 and/or send a resume to

•  Director of Engineering (BSEE or BSME) – Camarillo

•  Controls Engineer (semi-automated manufacturing) – Camarillo

•  Senior Electrical Engineer (electromechanical systems) – Burbank

•  Sourcing Specialist/Supply Chain (mfg background) – Oxnard

•  Lead Technical Estimator & CI Engineer – Valencia

•  Controller/Sr. Accountant – Westlake,

•  Aviation Project Engineer – Burbank,

•  Senior Quality Engineer – Valencia

•  Chemical Sales Engineers – TX and/or Pacific Northwest

•  Acoustic and Manufacturing Engineer(s) – Burbank

•  Sr. Electrical Engineer (pumps/underwater lighting) – Burbank

Syntesis Global

Syntesis Global introduces the “New Standard” for Creating a Culture of Excellence in Leadership Development, Organizational Dynamics, Career Transitions and Outplacement Services: Syntesis Global™. With over thirty years of business experience, Syntesis Global™ offers state-of-the-art Performance Consulting through Executive Coaching, Change Management, Team Building, Organizational and Career Management services. Contact Rick Hernandez, President and CEO at

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