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IEEE Special Event

•  Aug 4 - Extraordinary Lives: The Engineers Studio: An Evening with James Schultz

IEEE Announcements

•  2016 Industry Outreach Program
•  Registration is Open for Brain Computer Interface Hackathon - 2016

IEEE Local Events

•  Aug 3 - Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques for Cognitive Radio
•  Aug 10 - How to Create the Best Team for Your Startup Company
•  Aug 17 - Amgen - Working With External Innovators
•  Aug 25 - CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder (CIRAS)
•  Aug 30 - Digital Communications Primer: Part 3 of 3

Reports from Previous Events

•  IEEE Buenaventura Summer Mixer - Celebrating the Moon Landing with a Panel of Four Apollo Engineers

Sponsors and Job Opportunities

•  Advanced Personnel Profiles
•  Engility Corporation
•  Avalon Staffing
•  Syntesis Global
•  Ameriprise Financial

Special Event

August 4, 2016
Extraordinary Lives: The Engineers Studio: An Evening with James Schultz

Fruits, Cheese, Wine, and Water: 6:30 PM
Interview: 7:00 PM
Interviewer: William Hsu
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at

This event will enable our host William Hsu, engineering executive and IEEE officer, to interview James B. Schultz and help reveal the extraordinary development of the career of Mr. Schultz. The conversation will include anecdotes, life lessons and explore  the traits and skills that enabled James Schultz to engage in fascinating roles that were on the for front of technology advancement.

James B. Schultz started as a US Air Force flight engineer and gained the respect of many that enabled him to work with military, government, and corporation top leaders involved in advanced technologies. (More about Mr. Schultz at this link).
•  He helped make Navstar GPS a household name
•  He was the principal Pentagon spokesman for the military role in the space shuttle
•  He was part of a 3-man team authoring the security, public affairs and policy plan for DoD space shuttle operations
•  He co-drafted President Reagan’s space policy speeches, and was instrumental in the establishment of today’s Space Command
•  He was involved in the world’s first telemedicine store and forward video server providing physicians remote evaluation of radiology files.
•  He was editor of the Defense Electronics magazine, the prestigious International Countermeasures Handbook and the founding editor of The C3I Handbook.

The IEEE Buenaventura Section is launching this new series, Extraordinary Lives, to spotlight the talent and amazing contributors to engineering who are living or working in Ventury County.


HUB101 Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship
California Lutheran - Westlake Center
31416 Agoura Road
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Presented by: IEEE Buenaventura Section

IEEE Announcements

2016 Industry Outreach Program

Hello IEEE Buenaventura Members,

The IEEE Buenaventura Section has started an industrial outreach program. For those who work in Ventura County, help us help you and your company.

IEEE Buenaventura Section is home to dozens and dozens of technology firms, large and small. Our goal is simply to introduce those leaders to the IEEE: what IEEE does, how it helps drive innovation and business, and how to use the organization to their advantage.

We have begun to meet individually with technology leaders, developers, and service companies that have IEEE engineers here in Ventura County. The industrial outreach program is not a solicitation. It is about what value IEEE in Ventura County brings and about the value you are to your company by being a member of the IEEE.

As part of the program, invited technology leaders may attend a breakfast sponsored by IEEE. The breakfast is planned for October 2016. The hosted event will be an opportunity meet potential vendors and clients, and acts as a great mixer for them.

We need your help to contact key leaders at your companies.  We are arranging brief introductory meetings with us to invite them to participate. Let us know who your company leaders are and how best we can reach them. We’ll do the rest.

Please send your leaderships’ contact information (phone, email) directly to Bridge Carney at .  All contact information is strictly confidential and will not be shared.

Thank you advance,

Bridge Carney, Past Chair, IEEE Buenaventura Section

Karl Geiger, Past Chair, IEEE Buenaventura Section

*** Our very brief message to your company leadership includes, but not limited, to…

•  IEEE is a non-profit professional organization with over 400,000 world-wide and nearly 800 active members in the Ventura County alone!
•  IEEE in Ventura County has been here for 50 years!
•  IEEE Member received significant discounts on society publications, conference registration, and other products.
•  IEEE has 39 specialty societies, which focus on specific technologies. Ventura County is an award winning section of IEEE, and presently has 9 active societies most of which meet monthly with presentations of interest keeping our members on top of the game! There are over 50 of these society meetings in Ventura County each year.
•  IEEE members bring special value to the companies in which they work!

Registration is Open for Brain Computer Interface Hackathon - 2016
Call for Participation - Registration is Open Now Until September 3, 2016

Date:  September 10 and 11, 2016
Cost:  Free
Place:  EvoNexus, 101 W. Broadway, Suite 200, San Diego, CA  92101
Register here

•  Individual or Team (each up to 5 persons)
•  Maximum capacity:  55 seats
•  IEEE members will be given priority

•  To learn about emerging Brain-Computer Interface technologies
•  To develop innovative neurotechnology applications and participate in the first IEEE Brain Initiative Hackathon

•  Integration of neurotechnology with the Internet of Things (IoT)
•  Closed-loop cognitive games (including Virtual/Augmented Reality, VR/AR)
•  Active control of robotic devices using BCI

Awards:  $1000, $500, and $300 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes and others.

Presented By: IEEE Brain Initiative

See the full event announcement for more information.

Local IEEE Events

August 3, 2016
Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques for Cognitive Radio

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Yahia Tachwali
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at


Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are increasingly used in modern systems to improve its performance, usability and efficiency. Cognitive radio technology offers radios that are aware of its wireless environment and has the ability to learn and adapt to its by changing its operating parameters.

A typical machine learning system is comprised of a preprocessing stage, followed by a feature extraction stage and a classification/decision making system. This presentation discuss the design and implementation of those stages for cognitive radio applications.

About the Speaker

Yahia Tachwali, Ph.D. is a Research and Development Engineer at Keysight Technologies. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in the Broadband Wireless Networking Lab under the supervision of Prof. Ian F. Akyildiz. He received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2010. His doctoral research focused on building cognitive radios in small form factor platforms and investigated the use of compressive sensing techniques to perform efficient spectrum sensing operations. He has authored more than 20 journal articles and conference papers in the field of signal processing for cognitive radio applications. His research interests are: cognitive radio networks, the design and implementation of DSP algorithms on software radio platforms, spectrum sensing, machine learning, reconfigurable wireless systems, and compressive sensing techniques.


CLU Swenson Center, Room 101
California Lutheran - Main Campus
141 Faculty Street
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking: Visitors may park on CLU streets after 7 PM without a permit.  Before 7 PM, we recommend that you park in the G1 visitor lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef, and walk to the Swenson building.  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots, and do not park in the areas marked “Homeowner Parking Only”.

Presented By: IEEE Buenaventura Robotics and Automation/Industry Applications Chapter

Register here

August 10, 2016
How to Create the Best Team for Your Startup Company

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Darrell Gooden
$5 for IEEE members, $15 for nonmembers. Register and pay at 


Even startups that manage to raise millions in seed funding can crash before they establish themselves as a viable organization if they hire the wrong team. There is an art to select the right skills and the individuals who have the most appropriate experience to support the growth the burgeoning company to success. Our speaker will discuss the attributes required on a startup team, the signs that the synergy is working or failing and the art to evolve the team as the company is growing.

About the Speaker

Dr. Darrell Gooden has previously held positions as Transformation Manager and Strategic Planner with the US Navy. He has over 15 years of experience as a certified Spiral Dynamics Integral practitioner and is a founding member along with Dr. Don Beck of the Center for Human Emergence. He is on the faculty of the Adizes Graduate School (AGS). He is also a Certified Adizes Associate and has presented the Adizes Methodology at conferences and seminars that includes the World Future Society and Beijing’s Conference on Human Capital Strategy. Darrell has also presented on topics such as Innovation and Lean Six Sigma in different countries around the world. He leads seminars and consults as an expert in organizational change management. Dr. Gooden’s focus over the last 20 years has been in the areas of cultural transformation and technology management.

Darrell Gooden has a PhD in Organization Transformation from the Adizes Graduate School, a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Redlands, CA.


CLU Ahmanson Science Center, Room 100
California Lutheran - Main Campus
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking: Visitors may park on CLU streets after 7 PM without a permit.  Before 7 PM, we recommend that you park in the G1 visitor lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef, and walk to the Swenson building.  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots, and do not park in the areas marked “Homeowner Parking Only”.

Presented By: IEEE Buenaventura Section

Printable flyer (PDF)

August 17, 2016
Amgen - Working With External Innovators

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Syed Kazmi
$5 for IEEE members, $15 for nonmembers. Register and pay at


Roughly 50 percent of Amgen’s late-stage pipeline comes from external innovation. The Amgen’s Business Development team plays a critical role in expanding the company's growth by identifying outside ideas with strong commercial potential  that target Amgen's mission to cure serious illnesses.

About the Speaker

The talk will be presented by Mr. Syed Kazmi, Executive Director of Transactions, Amgen Business Development. The Business Development Team interfaces with external innovators, fund early stage work through Amgen Ventures, and integrates new partners and concepts into the Amgen overall strategy.


CLU Swenson Center, Room 101
California Lutheran - Main Campus
141 Faculty Street
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking: Visitors may park on CLU streets after 7 PM without a permit.  Before 7 PM, we recommend that you park in the G1 visitor lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef, and walk to the Swenson building.  Do not park in the faculty/staff lots, and do not park in the areas marked “Homeowner Parking Only”.

Presented By: IEEE Buenaventura Section

Printable flyer (PDF)

August 25, 2016
CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder (CIRAS)

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Thomas S. Pagano
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at


The CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder (CIRAS) will measure upwelling infrared radiation of the Earth in the MWIR region of the spectrum from space on a CubeSat.  The observed radiances can be assimilated into weather forecast models and be used to retrieve lower tropospheric temperature and water vapor for climate studies.  Multiple units can be flown to improve temporal coverage or in formation to provide new data products including 3D motion vector winds.

CIRAS incorporates three new instrument technologies. The first is a 2D array of High Operating Temperature Barrier Infrared Detector (HOT-BIRD) material, selected for its high uniformity, low cost, low noise and higher operating temperatures than traditional materials.  The detectors are hybridized to a commercial ROIC and commercial camera electronics.  The second technology is a black silicon blackbody calibration source, with surface emissivity better than carbon nanotubes and more robust to surface contact.  The third technology is an MWIR Grating Spectrometer (MGS) designed to provide imaging spectroscopy for atmospheric sounding in a CubeSat volume.  The MGS has no moving parts and is based on heritage spectrometers including the OCO-2.  The spacecraft will be a commercially available CubeSat.  The integrated system will be a complete 6U CubeSat capable of measuring temperature and water vapor profiles with good lower tropospheric sensitivity.  The CIRAS is the first step towards the development of science instruments requiring infrared measurements while reducing the cost of the payload, spacecraft and launch.  Examples of science results and imagery obtained from NASA satellites as they relate to weather forecasting, and research in climate and atmospheric composition will be presented.

About the Speaker

Mr. Thomas S. Pagano is the Project Manager for the AIRS/AMSU/HSB Suite of instruments on the EOS Aqua Spacecraft. He was the lead engineer responsible for the calibration of the AIRS instrument in orbit. Prior to joining JPL in 1997, he was the Chief Systems Engineer on the MODIS instrument development program at Raytheon SBRS since 1985. He has a BS in Physics from UC Santa Barbara, and an MS in Physics from Montana State Univesity. He holds 2 US patents and is author of numerous papers on space remote sensing systems.


CSUCI Del Norte Hall, Room 1500
CSU Channel Islands
Camarillo, CA  93012

Parking: Please register at . Parking free of charge in designated IEEE parking lot.

Presented by: IEEE Buenaventura Photonics Society Chapter

Printable flyer (PDF)

August 30, 2016
The Things we Ought to Know About Digital Communications: Part 3 of 3
Multipath Limitations, Coherence, Fading and Enabling Techniques for MIMO, Diversity Gain, and Spectral Re-Use in the Future

Pizza and Networking:  6:00 PM
Presentation:  6:30 PM
Presenter:  Bernard Sklar
Meetings are free and open to the public.  Please register at


The emergence of digital communications has been a critical part of the information age, and as wireless telecommunications in particular adopts a number of strategic technologies for the 4G and 5G standards, we push up against fundamental limitations in bandwidth and spectral efficiency, peak throughput and  datarates, performance at cell edge and highly mobile environments, and challenges for low latency and overall energy efficiency. In order to understand these seemingly complex interdependent physical limitations of how we communicate, this series of 3 lectures attempts to start from the fundamentals and develop them through the advanced state-of-the-art of digital communications of today, all with an intuitive and clear explanation for the basis of why things work the way they do, and what we are doing to push the envelope in coming generations of digital comm.

Third in a three-part series of lectures

Tuesday, May 17: Part I : Fundamentals of Digital Communications, Modulation, and Capacity and Why Things Are the Way They Are
Tuesday, July 19: Part II: Modulation, Bandwidth, Power, Spectrum and How Error Tolerance and Coding Schemes Make it All Work
Tuesday, August 30: Part III: Multipath Limitations, Coherence, Fading and Enabling Techniques for MIMO, Diversity Gain, and Spectral Re-Use in the Future

About the Speaker

Bernard Sklar, PhD, President, Communications Engineering Services, Tarzana, California.  Dr. Sklar was previously at The Aerospace Corporation and has acquired over 50 years of experience in the electronics industry in a wide variety of technical design and management positions. He has worked at Republic Aviation Corporation, Hughes Aircraft Company, and Litton Systems, and has taught communications at both the University of Southern California and UCLA. He is currently associated with the University of Cape Town, South Africa, as an External Examiner. He also has taught at other universities and has presented numerous short courses throughout the United States, Europe, and the Far East. Dr. Sklar has published and presented scores of technical papers, is the recipient of the 1984 Prize Paper Award from the IEEE Communications Society for his tutorial series on digital communications, and is the author of Digital Communications: Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition (Prentice-Hall, 2001). He is a past chairman of the Los Angeles Council IEEE Education Committee.


Skyworks Solutions
649 Lawrence Drive
Newbury Park, CA  91320
(Not the main building; please use link to arrow that pinpoints building)

Presented by:  IEEE Buenaventura Communications Society Chapter

Reports from Previous Events

IEEE Buenaventura Summer Mixer
Celebrating the Moon Landing with a Panel of Four Apollo Engineers

July 20 - The Moon Landing Event at Hub 101 in Westlake Village was amazing. Four Apollo engineers shared tales of their involvements with Apollo missions 11,13, and beyond. They received a standing ovation at the closing of the panel event. This was the largest mixer event we had (110 attendees) in the space of the Hub 101 Entrepreneurship Center and Startup Incubator, gracious host of our IEEE event. Thank you to our panelists:
•  Stan Barauskas, Test Engineer, North American, Qualified Apollo Attitude Control Engines
•  Gerald Blackburn, Materials/Quality Engineer, North American/NASA, also on Shuttle and ISS
•  Gerard Elverum, former TRW engineer on the Lunar Module Descent Engine
•  Bill Rumer, System Engineer, Command Module Life Support, Garrett AirResearch

Visit our Facebook page for photos of the event


Advanced Personnel Profiles
Job Opportunities

Clinical Research Manager
Second Sight (, Sylmar

Manages the design, administration and on-site monitoring of clinical trials.  Supervises CRAs in in-house and on-site monitoring. Oversees adherence to SOPs, GCP, and FDA regulations. Ensures compliance with clinical protocols, overall clinical objectives, & national/international regulations and standards for clinical trials. Assumes occasional CRA responsibilities, including site travel.

Contact Pat Jacobs - 805-579-0630

Sr. Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Second Sight (, Sylmar

The position is responsible for diverse regulatory functions, including but not exclusive to the development of Medical Device submissions and the implementation of Regulatory Compliance.  Minimum 3 years of experience in US regulatory affairs, preferably with Class III devices, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Contact Pat Jacobs - 805-579-0630

Embedded Software Developer
Second Sight (, Sylmar

Embedded software developer with design and development experience in medical device systems in an RT Linux environment. Strong design and development experience C, RT Linux, DSP/BIOS, RTOS, Hardware peripherals (I2C, SPI, Flash, DMA), device drivers, multi-core processors. Low power real-time embedded programming.

Contact Pat Jacobs - 805-579-0630

Director, Regulatory Affairs
Valencia, CA

This is a key role in developing and implementing global Regulatory strategies for Class II/III medical devices This individual will be the Regulatory subject matter expert for all applicable medical devices. Identify, assess and communicate regulatory development and submission strategies, regulatory risks, interface with relevant regulatory authorities and review device aspects of all regulatory submissions.

10 + years of diversified and documented global experience in successful Regulatory Affairs leadership within the Class II/III medical device industry.

Contact Pat Jacobs - 805-579-0630            

Recruitment Strategy Manager
West Los Angeles, CA

This is a new venture into the frozen donor egg market and we are searching for a Recruitment Strategy Manager to manage donor recruiting 8 nationwide teams.  Must be strategic, social networking savvy and have excellent analytical and management skills.

Contact Pat Jacobs - 805-579-0630

Engility Corporation
Job Opportunities

Engility seeks Engineers, Software Professionals and Technicians to support multiple programs in Southern, CA.

Featured jobs at Pt. Mugu, CA

#15784 Senior Sensor Engineer – EW. In this job you will design, build, and integrate database management systems. You will provide engineering support to data mapping, data mines, data storage, and data transformation. To qualify you will have a BA/BS in a related field and at least 14 years of experience, to include prior experience supporting NAVY electronic warfare systems.

#20728 Engineering – RF/Microwave Design. In this job you will provide technical and engineering analysis on Electronic Warfare systems. You will become an expert on Airborne Electronic Attack systems and design RF testing with Hardware-in-the-Loop for LAB and open air environments.  To qualify you mist have a BS in Electrical Engineering and at least 5 years in an RF design or integration engineering role.

#21256 Engineer/Scientist IV (Journeyman Engineer, Electronics) – Will design, build and test both analog and digital electronics, including RF Circuitry. Must be able to obtain a security clearance and hold a 4 year degree in Engineering. 6+ years experience designing electronics are required.

#21257 Senior Software Engineer – C/C++/Visual Studio and GPIB/IEEE-488 interfaces.

Featured jobs at Ridgecrest/China Lake, CA

#21299 – RF Engineer in support of RADAR systems for Navy manned and unmanned RF Sensor Systems.

#21444 Flight Test Engineer – must have Secret clearance based on an investigation completed in the last 5 years or Top Secret Clearance.

#21718 Network Engineer with CISSP or similar certification.

For more information about these jobs, please visit our website  or contact

Avalon Staffing
Job Opportunities

Visit our website for current openings or call our office to see if we can be of immediate service: 805.367.3260 and/or send a resume to

Here is a summary of some of our current openings:

•  Project Engineer, Aviation Interiors, Pacoima
•  Acoustic Engineer, Aviation/Aerospace Manufacturing, Burbank
•  Manufacturing Engineer, Aviation/Aerospace Manufacturing, Burbank
•  Regional Sales Manager, Aviation Aftermarket, Dallas or Wichita
•  Purchasing Manager, Aviation/Aerospace Manufacturing, Burbank
•  Lead Technical Estimator, Aviation/Aerospace Manufacturing, Valencia
•  Director of Product Engineering, Medical Device Accessories and Microelectronics, Camarillo
•  Senior Quality Engineer, Bio-Pharmaceutical/Filtration, Oxnard
•  Chemist, Process Filtration, Oxnard

Non-Engineering Roles:

•  Registered Nurse Consultant, Insurance, Woodland Hills
•  Corporate Controller, Apparel Manufacturing, Westlake Village
•  Senior Accountant, Apparel Manufacturing, Westlake Village

Syntesis Global

Syntesis Global introduces the “New Standard” for Creating a Culture of Excellence in Leadership Development, Organizational Dynamics, Career Transitions and Outplacement Services: Syntesis Global™. With over thirty years of business experience, Syntesis Global™ offers state-of-the-art Performance Consulting through Executive Coaching, Change Management, Team Building, Organizational and Career Management services. Contact Rick Hernandez, President and CEO at

Ameriprise Financial

D. F. Rick Speidel, Financial Advisor
Managing Director
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
3027 Townsgate Rd Suite 200
Westlake Village, CA 91361-5863
O: 805.367.9015|F: 805.277.5156
Toll Free: 866.301.0449
CA Insurance License #0A01366

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