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October 2016 Newsletter

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Local IEEE Events

•  Oct 4 - Creating a Killer Executive Summary and Pitch PowerPoint Presentation
•  Oct 11 - Circuit Design Challenges for Terahertz Applications in CMOS Technology
•  Oct 12 - Computer Society Volunteer Activities for 2017
•  Oct 13 - An On-chip SiGe HBT Characterization Circuit for Use in Self-Healing RF Systems
•  Oct 19 - Extraordinary Lives: Marc Hornbeek
•  Oct 20 - Shape Memory Effect Metal Foams for High Power Density Actuators
•  Oct 26 - Super-resolution Microscopy
•  Oct 27 - Exploring the High Redshift Universe with MOSFIRE

IEEE Announcements

•  Join IEEE Now and Get Membership Benefits through the End of 2017
•  Oct 20-21 - IEEE Technology Time Machine 2016 - San Diego
•  IEEE-USA 2017 Government Fellows Program and WISE Internship Program

Other Local Happenings

•  Call for Volunteers: Girls Who Code at Camarillo Library

Reports from Previous Events

•  Dr. Bernard Sklar at the Communications Chapter meeting
•  Middle School Event: Engineering a Better Green Pepper
•  Extraordinary Lives: James Schultz
•  Fall Mixer at HUB101
•  Dr. Leslie Tamppari at the Aerospace Chapter meeting

Sponsors and Job Opportunities

•  Advanced Personnel Profiles
•  Engility Corporation
•  Avalon Staffing
•  Syntesis Global
•  Ameriprise Financial

Local IEEE Events

October 4, 2016
Creating a Killer Executive Summary and Pitch PowerPoint Presentation

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Jerry Knotts
Please register at


The Executive Summary and the Pitch PowerPoint Presentation represent two different documents critical in catching the attention of the right partners, suppliers, and investors. The content, features, and look of these tools has evolved rapidly. This workshop will discuss how to create them in a modern and relevant fashion and how to present them.

About the Speaker

Jerry Knotts is the President/CEO of the California Coast Venture Forum and Entrepreneurs Without Borders. He has more than 30 years successful experience in small, medium and large sized defense and aerospace low and hi-technology companies. He served as Vice-President/General Manager, Defense Electronics Div, California Microwave and Vice-President, American Nucleonics Corporation. He serves as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council, California Lutheran University School of Management; a mentor for SoCalBio and a member of the Screening Committee; and a mentor for the LARTA Institute. Jerry has notable achievements in general business management, strategic planning, and business development. Jerry serves as an advisor and panelist with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Businesses Program at the Los Angeles and Long Beach City Colleges. He also serves as a mentor for entrepreneur programs at a number of colleges to include Penn State, UCSB, UCLA, UCSF, and CLU. As a consultant, he serves on Corporation Boards and provides strategic and financial planning services to small and medium sized companies. His academic background includes a BSEE (Electrical Engineering) from Penn State University; an MBA from Auburn; and graduate of the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC), Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), and Air War College. Jerry is a Senior Life Member of the IEEE and a registered Professional Engineer.


Cal Lutheran - Westlake Center
31416 Agoura Road, Room 107C
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Presented By: IEEE Buenaventura Section

Flyer (PDF)

October 11, 2016
Circuit Design Challenges for Terahertz Applications in CMOS Technology

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Richard Al Hadi
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at


Integrated circuits in silicon technologies have reshaped the terahertz field by deploying cost-effective and highly integrated systems in the recent years . The short-wavelength at these frequencies makes it possible to directly integrate terahertz antennas on a chip. In combination with the large available bandwidth from 0.3-3THz this would enable high-speed communication and high-resolution imaging. However, there are many challenges that need to be addressed to achieve such a goal. The radiated terahertz power and bandwidth from silicon devices are still limited, and the sensitivity of terahertz receivers can be further improved. This presentation will focus on the design challenges of terahertz signal generation and detection well beyond silicon device limitations. It will cover the recent circuit realization in CMOS technology and novel generation and detection techniques.

In this presentation, I will discuss the fundamentals of LIDAR sensors and how the sensor components, laser, detector, optics, and electronics influence sensor parameters such as range, range resolution, and range accuracy. Furthermore, I will discuss flash LIDAR and scanning LIDAR technologies and their merits and limitations in different applications. Finally, I will discuss the next generation chip-scale LIDAR sensors that can potentially make LIDAR sensors ubiquitous.

About the Speaker

Dr. Richard Al Hadi (S'10-M'14-SM’16) received the engineering diploma from Caen's National Graduate School of Engineering in Electronics and Applied Physics and the Master degree from the University of Caen Basse-Normandie, France, in 2009. He received the Ph.D. degree (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Wuppertal, Germany, in 2014. In 2011 he worked as a visiting research fellow at Korea University, Seoul, South-Korea. Dr. Al Hadi joined University of California, Los Angeles, in 2015 as a postdoctoral fellow. His research interests are terahertz integrated circuits in silicon technologies. He is a co-recipient of the 2012 Jan Van Vessem Award for the Outstanding European Paper at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conference and the 2014 EuCAP best paper award.


Skyworks Solutions
649 Lawrence Drive
Newbury Park, CA  91320
(Not the main building; please use link to arrow that pinpoints building)

Presented by: IEEE Communications Society Chapter

October 12, 2016
Computer Society Volunteer Activities for 2017

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at


On Wednesday, October 12, you are invited to join the Buenaventura Section – Computer Society officers in planning talks and events for 2017. We have already scheduled seminars on Augmented Reality, Network Engineering, DevOps, and Robotics; and we are seeking member inputs for additional speakers and activities.

We are also looking for volunteers! We need people who are interested in the following roles.
•  Chapter Executive Committee - Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
•  Program Chair (responsible for outreach to and coordinating of speakers)
•  Other positions depending on interest


CLU - Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center, Room 253
(Enter via west lobby)
California Lutheran University
130 Overton Court
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking: Free parking is available in the lot east of the Gilbert building. Additional free parking is available in the lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef (map). Do not park in the faculty/staff/reserved lots.

Presented by:  IEEE Computer Society Chapter

October 13, 2016
An On-chip SiGe HBT Characterization Circuit for Use in Self-Healing RF Systems

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Duane Howard
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at


An on-chip device characterization circuit that extracts the current gain of a SiGe HBT test transistor, and which can be useful in the context of various “self-healing” RF circuits and systems, is presented. The characterization circuit includes built-in temperature compensation that enables accurate measurement of the current gain of the test device over a wide temperature range. The device characterization circuit can also be used to measure variations in the current gain of the test device due to process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) variations, as well as other phenomena that can potentially degrade performance.

About the Speaker

Dr. Duane Howard is an RF/Microwave Design and Research Engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) having joined the organization in 2014. He is the lead designer for a number of RF and radar hardware subsystems for air- and space-borne missions under development at JPL including the NASA ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR), the Multi-Mission Subsurface Imaging Radar (MMSIR), and the Europa mission.

In 2014, Dr. Howard received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) having specialized in microwave Power Amplifier (PA), Low Noise Amplifier (LNA), and analog and mixed signal circuit design in Silicon Germanium (SiGe) technology, as well as the effect of extreme temperature and radiation environments on RF/microwave circuits.  He has numerous publications in the field in high-impact journals such as IEEE Transactions on Microwave Technology and Techniques (TMTT) and IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (TNS).

Dr. Howard was the recipient of 2010-2011 Senator Sam Nunn Security Program Fellowship funded by the MacArthur Foundation’s Science, Technology and Security Initiative. The program seeks to expose pre-doctoral students in science and engineering to policy issues related to the intersection of science and technology with national security such as, cybersecurity and nuclear nonproliferation. While he was a fellow, Dr. Howard conducted research in the area of biofuels as well as in the area of information and communications technology (ICT) policy in developing countries.


Skyworks Solutions
649 Lawrence Drive
Newbury Park, CA  91320
(Not the main building; please use link to arrow that pinpoints building)

Presented by: IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Chapter

October 19, 2016
Extraordinary Lives: Marc Hornbeek

Food and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Marc Hornbeek, interviewed by William Hsu
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at

Extraordinary Lives: Inside the Members' Studio is a new IEEE Buenaventura series that spotlights IEEE members from Ventura County who have changed lives and significantly impacted the advancement of technology. This event honors Marc Hornbeek, who will be interviewed by Engineering Executive William Hsu.

Marc Hornbeek, Principal Consultant - DevOps, Trace3, is a consultant with over 37 years of experience architecting, designing, developing and managing high-performance solutions for IT infrastructures that are deployed in commercial and government applications globally.

Marc has served as executive, senior management and solution architect for companies such as Bell-Northern Research, Tekelec, ECI Telecom, GSI Lumonics, Vpacket. EdenTree Technologies, and Spirent Communications. Marc is an innovator who has led many successful automation, Lab-as-a-Service and DevOps projects for systems manufacturers and operators. Marc is a regular speaker, blogger and publisher on topics including DevOps, Lab-as-a-Service and continuous test automation.


CLU - Ullman Commons, Room 100/101
California Lutheran University
101 Memorial Parkway
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking: Visitors may park on CLU streets after 7 PM without a permit. Before 7 PM, we recommend that you park in the G1 visitor lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef, and walk to the Ullman building. Do not park in the faculty/staff/reserved lots.

Presented By: IEEE Buenaventura Section

October 20, 2016
Shape Memory Effect Metal Foams for High Power Density Actuators

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Peter Jardine
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at


The Shape Memory Effect (SME) in certain metals are due to phase transformations that occur when the material is heated or cooled through a set of transformation temperatures. One SME alloy in particular, Nitinol, has seen as great deal of interest as these transformation temperatures can be modified easily by small changes to the Ti:Ni ratio and by the introduction of dopants, making them suitable for both industrial and biomedical applications.

With recovery forces of approximately 64 KSi, the forces that small diameter SME Nitinol wires can generate can be large, for example a 0.020” diameter Nitinol wire can lift a 20 lb weight. However, as force requirements increase, the thickness of the SME wire must increase, increasing the cycle time of the actuator. For very large torque or force requirements, cycle times are several minutes, making them unsuitable for a large number of applications.

Shape Change Technologies has pioneered the manufacture of open-celled Nitinol foams, where large force and torque actuators are built as large, net-shape articles. The strut size of the foams is small, so that the thermal cycling time is on the order of several seconds, dramatically increasing the power exerted by the actuator over conventional solid Nitinol actuators.

The materials science of foam generation will be discussed as well as the typical properties of the foam for both actuation and shock mitigation. Several examples of how the foam is now being used for converting waste heat into mechanical power will be discussed.

About the Speaker

Dr. Peter Jardine is interested in the development of shape memory materials and forms, focusing on applications in alternative energy, actuator systems and medicine. Jardine was Chief Technology Officer to a Hydrogen sensor and fuel cell company and for 16 years, president of Shape Change Technologies. Jardine has over 33 years of experience in Shape Memory Alloys device design, with demonstrated products in SMA actuators, including both high torque output 3600 torsional actuators and low force, high frequency thin film TiNi MEMS devices. These developments then led to their integration into concepts such as thin film TiNi heart valves (medicine), heat engines (alternative energy) and fast, TiNi foam actuators. Other SMA concepts taken to demonstration include Vacuum shutters and fluid pumps. Jardine has also developed synthesis techniques for thin film materials and for TiNi porous materials from elemental powder compaction. Jardine has over 40 technical papers on Shape Memory Effect Related projects.

Jardine also serves on SBIR review panels for the National Institute of Health and is an active member in CASMART, an alliance of federal government, industry and academia aimed at advancing the field of Shape Memory and Superelastic materials.


La Reina High School, Cafeteria
106 West Janss Road
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Presented By: IEEE Buenaventura Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Chapter

Flyer (PDF)

October 26, 2016
Super-resolution Microscopy

Dinner (optional): Available at 6:00 PM for $10, payable at the door.
Presentation (free): 7:00 PM
Presenter: Tijana Jovanoci-Talisman
Free admission to presentation. No registration required.


Pointillistic super-resolution imaging techniques can be used to elucidate nano-scale spatial organization of proteins and investigate biological processes that are critical to the progression of cancer and other human diseases. To advance drug discovery, we use Photoactivated Localization Microscopy with pair-correlation analysis (PC-PALM), a quantitative fluorescence imaging method with high spatial resolution and single-molecule sensitivity. This technique allows us to obtain information about a wide range of spatial scales from approximately 10 nm to 1 mm, along which many remodeling events take place. Our research interests lie in the advancement of quantitative nano-scale methods to study important biological mechanisms and in the development of novel therapeutic and imaging agents with these powerful techniques.

About the Speaker

Dr. Tijana Jovanovic-Talisman received her B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2000 and Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University under the guidance of Professor Ann E. McDermott in 2005. She did postdoctoral research at the Rockefeller University with Professor Brian T. Chait where she integrated approaches in biology, chemistry, physics, and nanotechnology to construct a functional nuclear pore complex mimic. Subsequently, she pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at the NIH in the lab of Dr. Lippincott-Schwartz and investigated the nanoscopic distribution of plasma membrane proteins using super-resolution microscopy. After two years as an assistant professor of Chemistry at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, she joined the department of Molecular Medicine at the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope as an assistant professor in 2013.


CLU - Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center, Room 253
(Enter via west lobby)
California Lutheran University
130 Overton Court
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Parking: Free parking is available in the lot east of the Gilbert building. Additional free parking is available in the lot on the southwest corner of Olsen and Mountclef (map). Do not park in the faculty/staff/reserved lots.

Presented by:  IEEE Buenaventura Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Chapter

Visit the EMBS web site for more information

October 27, 2016
Exploring the high redshift universe with MOSFIRE

Pizza and Networking: 6:30 PM
Presentation: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Ian McLean
Meetings are free and open to the public. Please register at


On April 4, 2012 a new instrument obtained “first light” on the Keck 1 10-m telescope at the W. M. Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Known as MOSFIRE, for Multi-Object Spectrometer For Infra-Red Exploration, this much-anticipated machine provides an enormous boost in efficiency and sensitivity for infrared studies of very faint objects, especially when those objects have a high density on the sky, such as extremely distant galaxies. MOSFIRE was designed and developed by a team involving UCLA, Caltech, UC Santa Cruz, the Keck Observatory, and several industrial partners. What makes this large vacuum-cryogenic infrared spectrograph (and camera) unique is the ability to select up to 46 individual objects in a field of view of about 6 x 6 minutes of arc on the sky, and then record the near-infrared spectrum (1-2.5 microns, resolving power R~3500) of all 46 objects simultaneously. When a new field is selected, a robotic mechanism inside the cryogenic instrument reconfigures the distribution of slits in the focal plane in about five minutes. I will describe how MOSFIRE works, and explain some of the technical challenges that were overcome. I will also illustrate MOSFIRE's performance with key results from four years of on-sky use, especially how this unique instrument has revolutionized our understanding of the evolution of galaxy formation 10 billion years ago in the early universe.

About the Speaker

Ian McLean, Ph.D. is Professor and Director, Infrared Laboratory for Astrophysics, Dept. Physics & Astronomy at UCLA. He is an Associate Director of the University of California Observatories. He served as Vice Chair for Astronomy at UCLA from 2009-2015, and was co-chair of the Keck Science Steering Committee from 2003-2007. He is the author of "Electronic Imaging in Astronomy," published by Springer (2nd edition, 2008). Professor McLean was the Principle Investigator for two of the four infrared instruments at the Keck Observatory (NIRSPEC: 1999, and MOSFIRE: 2012).


CSUCI Del Norte Hall, Room 1500
CSU Channel Islands
Camarillo, CA  93012

Parking: Please register at . Parking free of charge to registered attendees in designated parking lot.

Presented by: IEEE Buenaventura Photonics Society Chapter

Flyer (PDF)

IEEE Announcements

Join IEEE Now and Get Membership Benefits through the End of 2017

When you join IEEE, you join a community of over 425,000 technology and engineering professionals united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate. IEEE membership provides you with the resources and opportunities you need to keep on top of changes in technology; get involved in standards development; network with other professionals in your local area or within a specific technical interest; mentor the next generation of engineers and technologists, and so much more. There is no better time to discover all that IEEE membership has to offer. Join now and get membership benefits through the end of 2017.

Visit IEEE Membership Services for more information.

Oct 20-21 - IEEE Technology Time Machine 2016 - San Diego

The IEEE Technology Time Machine (TTM) is IEEE’s flagship symposium on future technology directions. The overall theme of TTM 2016 is “Making the Future.” Building upon IEEE’s major technology initiatives, TTM 2016 will bring together high level renowned experts from research and industry to provide an overview of these technologies and explore how they may be leveraged towards “making the future” through their research, products and services.  Participants will not only get a glimpse into that “future” but also see its relevance to “today.”

The fourth Technology Time Machine conference will have sessions on big data, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, the cloud, the brain, and rebooting computing, as well as a presentation on women’s roles in making the future.

There are two keynote speakers. Sherry Turkle, professor of the social studies of science and technology at MIT, plans to discuss how our relationship with technology affects our other relationships.  Alicia Abella, an AT&T assistant vice president of cloud technologies and services for the company’s research organization, is set to discuss some AT&T projects in the works.

Under the theme “Making the Future,” organizers say, the conference will focus on the fact that the future is already here. That is, TTM will deal not just with what’s likely to happen but also with how future events can affect what we are doing today.

More information at

IEEE-USA 2017 Government Fellows Program and WISE Internship Program

Government Fellows Information

IEEE-USA is seeking two U.S. IEEE members interested in spending a year working for a Member of Congress or a congressional committee, one U.S. IEEE member interested in spending a year serving as a technical adviser at the U.S. Department of State, and one U.S. IEEE member interested in serving as a technical advisor to the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The Fellowships run from September 1 to August 30 every year. For eligibility requirements and application information, go to .  The application deadline for 2017-2018 Fellowships is 23 December 2016.

WISE Information

Each year, IEEE selects three outstanding engineering student members to participate in the nine-week WISE program in Washington, D.C.  Students discover how government officials make decisions on complex technological issues, while also learning how engineers and scientists can contribute to legislative process and regulatory decision-making.

The WISE Program is ranked as one of the best Internship opportunities in the U.S. by the Princeton Review.

IEEE-USA, IEEE Life Members, and IEEE Technical Activities Board collectively support IEEE’s participation in the annual WISE program. For more information on the program and application forms, please visit: . The deadline for the 2017 program is 31 December 2015 and WISE Summer 2017 program dates are 5 June to 4 August.

Reports from Previous Events

  On August 30, Dr. Bernard Sklar was honored for his extraordinary dedication to IEEE and the Communications Chapter was presented the IEEE Best Chapter Award. Dave Pehlke, Chair of the Communications Chapter presented Dr. Sklar with a plaque honoring his unparalleled commitment to educating about digital communications. Doug Askegard, IEEE R6 Southern Area Award Chair, presented to Dave Pehlke the chapter award for outstanding chapter growth in 2015. (photos)

  On September 10, 18 mentors and 36 middle school age children discover cutting edge agriculture thanks to the amazing hospitality of Terry Farms and the fantastic workshops. Thank you to the organizers and instructors, Will Terry, Sherrisse Hughes, Whitney Smelser, Jeremy Sifnit, and Dave Holden. (photos)

  September 14 brought us Extraordinary Lives: James Schultz. This was the first of new series (link)

  Thank you to those who came to our fall mixer on September 21. Thank you to HUB101 for hosting this IEEE networking event. (photos)

•  Fantastic talk on September 22 by Dr. Leslie Tamppari, MRO Deputy Project Scientist, NASA-JPL (photos)

Other Local Happenings

Call for Volunteers: Girls Who Code at Camarillo Library

They have the curriculum
They have the computers
They have the room
They have the students

All they need is the teacher.

If you area available on Sunday afternoons and can come to the Camarillo Library for two hours over a period of 10 weeks, we have an opportunity for you.

Girls Who Code is nationwide organization that teaches coding to girls in 6th-12th grades. The Camarillo Library is creating a Girls Who Code Club as part of their community outreach and are recruiting a facilitator.

Here’s what they are looking for in a facilitator:
•  Comfortable implementing and explaining core programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditionals, and functions.
  Passionate about reducing the gender gap in STEM fields.
  18+ years of age.
  Pass a background check.
  Available 3-4 hours per week, including prep and travel.

Here’s what you’ll get:
•  When the light bulb of understanding clicks on, you’ll know that you helped that to happen. It’s a great feeling and it’s why teachers teach.
  The camaraderie of a classroom.
  An invitation to the volunteer appreciation event in the spring at the library.
  A great way to network in a community. New opportunities often spring from volunteering connections.

Janis Benn, Volunteer Coordinator
Camarillo Public Library
4101 E Las Posas Rd
Camarillo, CA 93010


Advanced Personnel Profiles
Job Opportunities

Enterprise Application Engineer
Second Sight (, Sylmar

This is a critical position for Second Sight responsible for establishing and maintaining enterprise-level software applications that directly support key business processes. Core activities include identification, installation, configuration, qualification, maintenance, administration, and training of these software systems.

Should have project management experience implementing systems such as MRP or ERP.  Must have Linux experience.

Contact Pat Jacobs – 805-579-0630

Manger - Regulatory Affairs
Second Sight (, Sylmar

The position is responsible for diverse regulatory functions, including but not exclusive to the development of Medical Device submissions and the implementation of Regulatory Compliance.  Minimum 3 years of experience in US regulatory affairs, preferably with Class III devices, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Contact Pat Jacobs – 805-579-0630

Business Development Associate
West Los Angeles

Focus on stem cells to develop and maintain relationships that promote stem cell services, help achieve business goals, and manage various projects/activities.  2-3 years related experience and/or training, preferably in project management, data analysis, business development, or consulting including financial analysis, valuation model building, and basic accounting knowledge.  Must be Spanish fluent.

Contact Pat Jacobs – 805-579-0630

M & A Integration Manager
West Los Angeles

Reporting to company President, must have post-merger experience.  Bachelor’s degree required in a business related field and 5-7 years of related work experience or an MBA and 2-4 years of related work experience, including M&A integration experience.

Contact Pat Jacobs – 805-579-0630

Software / Firmware Engineer
Bioness (, Valencia

Responsible for support of existing products and development of new products. Participate in software development process for medical devices including requirements, design, implementation, verification and validation and associated documentation.  Will also contribute to the development of existing and new algorithms.  BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematics.

Proficiency in Object Oriented Methodology, C/C++, C# language required and Java is preferred.  Experience with embedded, desktop software, firmware required with algorithm development a plus.

Contact Pat Jacobs – 805-579-0630

Engility Corporation
Job Opportunities

Engility seeks Engineers, Software Professionals and Technicians to support multiple programs in Southern, CA.

Featured jobs at Pt. Mugu, CA are:

#20728 Engineering – RF/Microwave Design. In this job you will provide technical and engineering analysis on Electronic Warfare systems. You will become an expert on Airborne Electronic Attack systems and design RF testing with Hardware-in-the-Loop for LAB and open air environments.  To qualify you must have a BS in Electrical Engineering and at least 5 years in an RF design or integration engineering role.

#22970 Engineer/Scientist IV (Journeyman Engineer, Electronics) – Will design, build and test both analog and digital electronics, including RF Circuitry. Must be able to obtain a security clearance and hold a 4 year degree in Engineering. 6+ years experience designing electronics are required.

#22408 SCA Drafter/CAD Operator IV. Can hire up to two people. Inventor, Autocad and Solidworks. Must have Secret clearance.

#22593 Software Development Engineer – C#, C++ and/or .Net platforms.

#22875 Senior Sensor Engineer – Electronic Warfare. BA/BS and 14+ years of related experience. Top Secret clearance. Electronic Warfare engineering experience in Navy Specific role, to include, but not limited to, any of the following: ALQ-99, ALQ-217, ASQ-239, ALR-66.

#22118 Information Systems Security Analyst – Top Secret / SCI clearance required. Security+ is required, CISSP strongly preferred.

#22425 Lead Senior Software Engineer. MS/MA from an accredited college or university in an applicable Engineering, Mathematics, or Business discipline. A minimum of ten (10) years of Software Engineering experience with Navy Weapon/Combat Systems and associated equipment.

Featured jobs at Ridgecrest/China Lake, CA:

#21299 – RF Engineer in support of RADAR systems for Navy manned and unmanned RF Sensor Systems.

#23077 Flight Test Engineer – must have Secret clearance based on an investigation completed in the last 5 years or Top Secret Clearance.

#21718 Network Engineer with CISSP or similar certification.

Featured jobs on the East Coast:

Engility is looking to hire people with BSEE or similar degrees to do Anti-Tamper work on Avionics systems for NAVAIR in Maryland.

For more information about these jobs, please visit our website or contact

Avalon Staffing
Job Opportunities

Visit our website for current openings or call our office to see if we can be of immediate service: 805.367.3260 and/or send a resume to

Here is a summary of some of our current openings:

•  Bilingual Quality Engineer – Aerospace Firm – Burbank, CA
•  Manufacturing Engineer – Aerospace Firm – Valencia, CA
•  QA Engineer – Semiconductor Firm – Santa Barbara, CA
•  Program Manager - Semiconductor Firm – Santa Barbara, CA
•  Facilities Manager – Furniture Manufacture – Torrance, CA
•  Project Engineer - Aviation Interiors - Pacoima
•  Manufacturing Engineer - Aviation/Aerospace Manufacturing - Burbank
•  Sr Business Development - Defense Market - Anywhere in U.S.
•  Certified Public Accountant – Financial – Woodland Hills, CA

Non-Engineering Roles:
•  Registered Nurse Consultant, Insurance, Woodland Hills

Syntesis Global

Syntesis Global introduces the “New Standard” for Creating a Culture of Excellence in Leadership Development, Organizational Dynamics, Career Transitions and Outplacement Services: Syntesis Global™. With over thirty years of business experience, Syntesis Global™ offers state-of-the-art Performance Consulting through Executive Coaching, Change Management, Team Building, Organizational and Career Management services. Contact Rick Hernandez, President and CEO at

Ameriprise Financial

D. F. Rick Speidel, Financial Advisor
Managing Director
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
3027 Townsgate Rd Suite 200
Westlake Village, CA 91361-5863
O: 805.367.9015|F: 805.277.5156
Toll Free: 866.301.0449
CA Insurance License #0A01366

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