Facts & Stats of Pandemics

Facts and Stats of Pandemics-2

Slides: Facts and Stats of Pandemics-2

Last Updated : 8/6/20

This summer we are taking a break from technical talks and addressing one of the most challenging events that a modern industrial society has faced.

SAR COVID-19 or popularly known as Corona Virus has adversely effected majority of the human population of the world in 2020. Resources in various fields have been allocated to understand, control and eventually stop this pandemic. Analytics is one of the important tools used by the healthcare system and policy makers to understand and control this pandemic. As individual victims of the pandemic we also rely on analytics to assess the danger it poses on us and our loved ones.

     In this lecture I will present the history of pandemics. I will also present the analytics and statistics of the current and the past pandemics.

This lecture is by no means a medical or a health presentation.

About the Speaker

Momin Quddus is a senior member of IEEE. He serves as an officer at IEEE Buenaventura Section. He has worked in Avionics, Wireless communication and Aerospace industries for over 30 years. He holds a patent on wireless antenna design.

   Momin received BSEE degree from University of Texas and MSEE degree from Florida Atlantic University. He is a PE.

   He is interested in analyzing topics in terms of economics and analytics.

   He enjoys playing tennis, field hockey and soccer. He coaches youth sport teams. He volunteers at youth outreach events such as Science fair & Academic Decathlon.