Date   Event
Apr 28Thermal Imaging for Commercial Application - Announcement, Registration
May 3Entrepreneurship Series: The Engineer to Entrepreneur Roadmap to Success - An Overview of Entrepreneurship - Announcement, Webpage, Registration
May 4
Technology in our Future - an Ally in Graceful Aging (Televised Live Presentation to be viewed online.)  Announcement, Webpage, Registration
May 4
The Smart Grid Living Lab at UCLA - and its Automated Demand Response Program - AnnouncementWebpage, Registration
May 11How to Solve Big Data Problems using Compressive Sensing Techniques - Webpage, Registration
May 17Digital Communications Primer : Part 1 of 3 - Announcement, Webpage, Registration
May 18Startups for Engineers: Tips for Starting your own Company as an Engineer - Announcement, Registration
May 26Integrated Photonics  - Announcement, Webpage, Registration
Jun 1Making Mobile Robots, Skinny Legs and All - Announcement, Registration
Jun 8Virtual Reality by Wevr - Webpage, Registration
Jun 15

GaN Electronics: From HEMT to CMOS - Announcement, No registration required

Jun 22Cognitive Radio and Machine Learning - Announcement, Registration
Jul 12Quartz Resonators for Timing Applications
Jul 19Digital Communications Primer : Part 2 of 3
Jul 20MIXER: The Anniversary of the Birth of NASA
Jul 21Big Safari
Jul 283D-IC Global Shutter Image Sensors: HDR and More with High Quality Image Capture - Announcement, Registration
Aug 17How does Amgen work with External Innovators of Devices and Diagnostics
Aug 30Digital Communications Primer : Part 3 of 3
Oct 27Exploring the High Redshift Universe with MOSFIRE - WebpageAnnouncement, Registration
Nov 9Evolution of Computer Gaming - Webpage, Registration


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