Date    Event
Oct 3 Ventura County Energize California Program - Registration
Oct 7 Girls Make Tech with Heart – IEEE Buenaventura Fall STEM Event - Registration, Flyer
Oct 11 NASA Swarmathon: Taking Swarm Robotics To Mars - Registration
Oct 19 Cassini-Huygens Mission: Understanding Saturn and its Moons - Registration, Flyer
Oct 24 Postponed: MIMO Radar: Fundamentals, Sparse Sensing and its Application in Autonomous Driving (Part II) - Announcement
Oct 25 Daily Monitoring of Health Metrics Reduces Health System Costs - Registration, Announcement
Oct 26 Detector Electronics for NASA's Next Generation Space Telescopes JWST and WFIRST - Registration, Flyer
Nov 9 IEEE Buenaventura Annual Fundraiser - Details coming soon
Nov 15 The Role of Product Development Process in the Future Value of Medicines - Announcement
Nov 16 Photon Powered Spacecraft - Details coming soon
Dec 13 Water, Sanitation, and Public Health Challenges in Ventura County - Announcement


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