Aug 11 Moore's Law Turns 50 - How Long Can it Last? by Ray Duran, Extron Electronics, Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Aug 12 Entrepreneurship Workshop: Marketing Primer for Startups, by Bridge Carney, Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Aug 19 Gravity Probe B Satellite Technologies and Discoveries, by Francis Everitt, Stanford University, Announcement, Webpage, Reservation

Sep 2 Laser Doppler Velocimetry Applications in Industry and R&D by Darius Modarress, Measurement Science Enterprise, Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Sep 8 New Frontiers in TeraHertz Technology, by Mona Jarrahi, Ph.D., UCLA, Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Sep 9 DevOps – what is it? Why? Is it real? How to do it? By Marc Hornbeek, Sr. Solutions Architect, at Spirent Communications, Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Sep 16 Entrepreneurship Workshop: Financial Statements for a Small Business, by Jerry Knotts, President/CEO, Central Coast Venture Fund, AnnouncementWebpage, Reservation
Sep 17 UCSB's Nanofabrication Lab - Capabilities and a Few Research Highlights, by Mark Rodwell, Ph.D. and Brian Thibeault, UCSB Nanofabrication Facility Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Sep 23 Optimizing Decoupling Capacitors and Troubleshooting Power Integrity Issues in FPGA Applications, by Cosmin Iorga, Inphi Corporation Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Sep 30 Water in California, Issues, Technical Solutions, and Social Responsibility - Ravi Bajaj, Announcement, Webpage - no reservation needed

Oct 7 Intelligent Computer Vision for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Hyukseong Kwon, PhD,Research Scientist at HRL, Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Oct 13 Semiconductor Technology Trend and Reliability Challenges, by Richard Rao, Ph.D., MicroSemi Announcement, WebpageReservation
Oct 14 The State of Cyber Security, by Don Thomas, CISSP, CISA, GuardSight Announcement, WebpageReservation
Oct 21 Entrepreneurship Workshop: Documentation Needed to Secure Funding for a Small Business, by Jerry Knotts, President/CEO, Central Coast Venture Fund Announcement, WebpageReservation
Oct 28 Neurogaming and Physical Rehabilitation after Trauma, by Dr. Sheryl Flynn Announcement, Webpage - no reservation needed

Nov 4 The Universal Robot Arm, by Andy Tomat, Head of Corporate Development at Teredyne Announcement, Webpage, Reservation
Nov 11 Context-aware Intelligent Assistant Software Systems & the Internet, by Rao Machiraju, CEO of reQall Inc. Announcement, WebpageReservation
Nov 18 Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR): Current Status and Improvements Needed in the Future, by Dr. Richard Lam Announcement, Webpage - no reservation needed
Nov 19 To Boldly Go… Well, You Know: NASA’s Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt, by Marc D. Rayman, Dawn Chief Engineer and Mission Director at JPL  Announcement, Webpage, Registration

Dec 2 Servo Controllers, by Karl Geiger, Executive Team Member, Advanced Control Motions Announcement, Webpage, Registration
Dec 6-10 IEEE Globecom 2015
Dec 16 Recent Progress in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer, by Dr. Carlo Reyes Announcement, Webpage - no reservation needed

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