Date   Event
Feb 10Cybersecurity and Applicable Rules and Regulations - Announcement, Webpage, Registration
Feb 17How Valarm Bootstrapped to Profitability - Registration
Feb 18Intercept 1961 - The Birth of Soviet Missile Defense - Announcement, WebpageRegistration
Feb 24Cloning, Medical Gene Therapy and the Law - Announcement, Webpage, No Registration Required
Feb 29RF Aspects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Announcement, Webpage, No Registration Required
Mar 9Software Test Automation - Announcement, Webpage, Registration
Mar 31Quanta Image Sensor: Photon-Counting for Consumers - Announcement, Registration
Apr 13High School Teams from Ventura County to Show Off Their Robots - Announcement, Webpage, Registration
Apr 27Legal Standards for Patent Eligible Subject Matter and the State of Patents for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Algorithms - Announcement, Webpage, No Registration Required
Apr 28Thermal Imaging for Commercial Application - Announcement, Registration
May 18Startups for engineers: Tips about starting your own company as an engineer
May 26Integrated Photonics  - Announcement
Jun 15How to validate your product/ideas for consumer market
Jul 28Integrated Stacked Sensors
Aug 17How does Amgen work with external innovators of devices and diagnostics

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