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Sep 6

How Arrow Electronics Supports Local Innovators and Entrepreneurs - Webpage, Announcement, Registration Note Early Start Time

Sep 7 Smart LIDAR Sensors Enable Clear Robotic Vision - Announcement, Registration
Sep 13 MEMs Quartz Resonators for Frequency and Timing Applications - Webpage, Registration
Sep 14 Extraordinary Lives: David Collins - Webpage, Registration
Sep 21 Fall Mixer Event: The C.E.R.N. Opens Doors - Announcement, Registration
Sep 22 Blink of the Eye: What 10 Years at Mars Can Tell Us about the Planet - Announcement, Registration
Sep 27 Phase-Change Materials for RF Applications - Webpage, No Registration Needed
Sep 28 Case Study: Systems Engineering in Medical Device Development - Webpage, No Registration Needed
Sep 29 Raytheon Read Out Integrated Circuits (ROIC) for Electro/Optical Applications - Announcement, Registration
Oct 4 Killer Executive Summary and Pitch PowerPoint Presentation - Registration
Oct 11 Circuit Design Challenges for THz Emerging Applications in Silicon Technologies - Details Coming Soon
Oct 19 Extraordinary Lives: Marc Hornbeek - Details Coming Soon
Oct 20 Shape Memory Effect Metal Foams for High Power Density Actuators - Announcement, Registration
Oct 26 Super-Resolution Microscopy - Webpage, No Registration Needed
Oct 27 Exploring the High Redshift Universe with MOSFIRE - WebpageAnnouncement, Registration
Nov 9 Evolution of Computer Gaming - Webpage, Registration
Nov 16 Emerging and Re-emerging Diseases - Webpage, No Registration Needed
Nov 17 The Sun - Star of our Solar System - Registration
Dec 14 Advances in Implantable Medical Devices - Webpage, No Registration Needed


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