Date    Event
Jul 19 IEEE Buenaventura Awards Dinner and IEEE Summer Mixer Event - Registration, Flyer
Jul 20 Compositional Heterogeneity of Impact Melt Rocks at the Haughton Structure: Implications for Planetary Processes and Remote Sensing - Flyer, No Registration Needed
Jul 27 How Best Should an Engineer Run Both Product Development and Delivery on Ultra-High Performance Electro-Optic SCAs? - Registration, Flyer
Aug 1 Entrepreneur Pathway to Success - Registration
Aug 17 Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn - Details Coming Soon
Aug 29 Three M's and Three F's: Mathematics, Memory, Motion, FPGA's, Functional Programming, & Frames - Registration, Flyer
Sep 26 Automotive Radar 1 of 2
Oct 7 Players of the Light 2017
Oct 11 CSUCI's Entry in NASA Swarmathon Competition
Oct 19 Cassini Sensors
Oct 24 Automotive Radar 2 of 2
Nov 16 Photon Powered Spacecraft


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